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Our Partners

Collaborating to 'Make it Happen'

It takes a web of interlocking partners to develop and sustain healthy, vibrant communities. None of us can do it alone. That’s why one of our core competencies is forging creative collaborations that match our assets with the strengths of others to maximize the benefits for the families we all serve.

"We're excited to be able to help share the ideas and strategies that make rental housing more accessible and sustainable for individuals and families across the country."

—Janis Bowdler, managing director,
Consumer Financial Empowerment and Affordable Housing,
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Socially responsible corporations and foundations have long understood the benefits of partnering with effective, high-impact nonprofit organizations. It takes a strong partnership of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to bring vision to fruition.  

For more than 35 years, the U.S. Congress and many national corporate and foundation partners have come to trust NeighborWorks to get things done. Supporting NeighborWorks as a partner means much more than making a monetary contribution. It is a commitment to a shared vision that all individuals deserve decent, healthy homes they can afford – and safe communities where their children can grow and thrive.
NeighborWorks America
We help build strong, resilient communities by providing people with opportunities to live in safe, healthy and affordable housing. 

Why NeighborWorks?

NeighborWorks America is the country’s preeminent leader in affordable housing and community development. We are the nation’s top trainer for professionals in the field, and our counseling certification is recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as setting industry-wide standards for the industry.

The more than 240 organizations that comprise the NeighborWorks network must meet stringent membership criteria and undergo rigorous reviews every year to ensure they are delivering the highest-quality and most efficient and effective services to lower-income communities nationwide. View our national impact data.

Why now?

Neighborworks-image-1952In the last five years alone, NeighborWorks organizations have generated $22.5 billion in local investment and helped almost 2.5 million families of modest means purchase or improve their homes; secure safe, decent rental housing; or receive foreclosure counseling.

Leading corporations and private foundations alike put their trust in NeighborWorks’ 35 years of experience, impact and credibility. Together with our foundation, business and public- sector partners, NeighborWorks continues to be a transformative agent, providing people of all means the opportunity for safe, decent communities in which to live and raise families.

Today the need has never been so great.
The impact has never been as important.

Contact us and together, we can build a nation of strong communities across America.


Some of our partnerships

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Wells Fargo’s commitment to support homeowners and stabilize communities is making a difference in communities across the nation. Since 2012, NeighborWorks has collaborated with Wells Fargo on the LIFT program. Through this effort, more than 8,000 families have received down payment assistance and housing counseling to help them realize their goal of sustainable homeownership.

Since 2008, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has provided more than 1,500 scholarships for community development professionals to attend NeighborWorks America’s specialized training, equipping participants to make an impact on the communities they serve. This represents a $5 million investment by the foundation in community development.
Thanks to JPMorgan Chase Foundation’s commitment, we are offering a continuum of strategies to promote financial capability and successful, sustainable homeownership for people of modest means in every state. Together, we are advancing comprehensive community development in order to achieve lasting community impact. Through its continued support of the NeighborWorks Center for Homebuyer Education and Counseling, JPMorgan Chase Foundation is advancing the skills and knowledge of housing counselors across the country.
In 2010, NeighborWorks America and the Citi Foundation launched the Financial Capability Demonstration Project, a national multi-year initiative to expand and strengthen financial capability programs for low- and moderate- income individuals and families. Citi and the Citi Foundation continue to support NeighborWorks’ efforts to innovate and transform the community development field.
Through its general operating support, Bank of America is helping NeighborWorks create and preserve housing opportunities; advance comprehensive community development; and strengthen the knowledge, skills and effectiveness of the community development and affordable housing field.
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