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Partners in Action

Foundations, financial-service businesses, peer nonprofits, federal agencies and academic institutions  our partners are vital to our success and to transforming communities nationwide.

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An interview with Citi Foundation

A woman and a boy wearing blue Citi volunteers t-shirtsOur partnership with Citi Foundation has enhanced the impact they have in the communities that they serve.

We've asked Brandee McHale, president and director of corporate citizenship, a few questions about why Citi Foundation supports NeighborWorks.

Why is philanthropy important to Citi?
We use the word "citizenship" to describe our efforts to enable growth and progress in the communities where we live and work—and that’s a deliberate decision.

The word “citizenship” reflects a sense of belonging to communities that extend well beyond the Citi Foundation’s and Citi’s philanthropic efforts, but also into our everyday business practices. Citizenship reflects a deep understanding that our success is inextricably linked to the positive outcomes and progress we can help catalyze for others, including through philanthropy. It's an acknowledgment that we take our responsibility to use our expertise and resources to contribute to the greater good of society seriously.

Why is a relationship with NeighborWorks America important to Citi?
Driving social change is not a one and done endeavor. We are working against a wave of trends from past decades, so it takes multiple approaches and a range of players. To be an effective grantmaker, it’s not enough to simply support programs. We have to understand the everyday challenges of the people we’re serving.

The reality is that philanthropy cannot achieve what we have set out to accomplish without our local partners, who have their finger on the pulse of the needs of our communities. NeighborWorks America, in particular, has a network that is unparalleled. Their work on the local level to promote leadership is invaluable as they continue to develop a cadre of nonprofit leaders that are championing change.

Why has Citi and the Citi Foundation chosen to make such a significant investment in community service and NeighborWorks Week?
Volunteerism is an important driver of Citi and the Citi Foundation's approach to philanthropy. Many of the Citi Foundation’s grants and contributions are strengthened by the active involvement of Citi volunteers, who dedicate their time and talent year-round to give back.

For the second year, Citi and the Citi Foundation were proud to continue our collaboration with NeighborWorks America for NeighborWorks Week to help make our communities places of opportunities for all. Each year, NeighborWorks Week has coincided with Citi’s Global Community Day, our annual flagship volunteer initiative that took place this year on June 10.

As part of NeighborWorks Week, Citi employees across the country worked alongside community partners to make a difference. From repairing homes to beautifying parks to educating residents about financial literacy and steps to homeownership, together our impact was even greater.

Support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

More and more, housing and community development organizations have come to recognize the direct impact of their work on the health of the residents and communities they serve. However, documenting that impact and sharing it with the field has continued to be a challenge for practitioners.   

With support from (RWJF), NeighborWorks America and Enterprise Community Partners are implementing a new national initiative to address that gap. The Health Outcomes Demonstration Project is helping 20 nonprofits, including 10 NeighborWorks organizations, measure health impacts and better serve the low- and moderate- income communities where they work. Continuing until January 2019, the project provides evaluation technical assistance, grant funding, peer learning and the new Success Measures Health Measurement Tools to participating organizations across the country to support evaluation efforts in a range of programs, such as healthy eating, resident services, and financial asset building. In addition to building the capacity of the organizations to plan and conduct evaluations, there are plans to disseminate the results of the demonstration project nationally in the community development, public health, community health and related fields as an important contribution toward reducing health disparities and improving health for all Americans.

The health outcome measurement tools created by Success Measures at NeighborWorks America will be available for free access this summer via an online publication.

The Health Outcomes Demonstration Project is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, NeighborWorks America, Enterprise Community Partners and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and by in-kind support from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.


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