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Partner Awards 2013

Cathy Neiderberger of PNC, Hala Farid of Citi, and Donna Greene of Wells Fargo, together at the 2013 Partnership Awards ceremony.
Partnership is the foundation of the NeighborWorks system. Together with our national and local partners, NeighborWorks provides grants, programmatic support, training and technical assistance to its national network of community-based organizations. For 35 years, we have worked with organizations across industry sectors to ensure that communities become and remain vibrant and healthy places to live.

The NeighborWorks Partner Award honors private foundations and corporate grantmakers whose generous contributions help make our work possible.

This award includes three categories:

Most Impactful National NeighborWorks Partners

The most impactful national NeighborWorks partners are those who have made significant investments to support the mission of NeighborWorks America. Partnership collaborations are creating and preserving affordable housing opportunities; advancing comprehensive community development; supporting a Network of Excellence; and strengthening the knowledge, skills and effectiveness of the community development and affordable housing field.


Wells Fargo & Wells Fargo Housing Foundation


Citi & Citi Foundation


PNC Bank

Most Impactful Local NeighborWorks Partners

The most impactful local NeighborWorks partners are those foundations and corporations who in 2013 provided the most significant support to our local NeighborWorks organizations serving low– and moderate-income communities nationwide.


Wells Fargo & Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

Chase logo

JPMorgan Chase &
JPMorgan Chase Foundation


PNC Bank & PNC Foundation

Most Impactful NeighborWorks Social Investors

The most impactful NeighborWorks social investors are those foundations and corporations that have provided the greatest financial investments in 2013 into Community Housing Capital and NeighborWorks Capital to help NeighborWorks organizations across the country have access to flexible loan products.

Morgan Stanley Bank

Morgan Stanley


Deutsche Bank

Bank of America

Bank of America