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Puerto Rico: struggling but strong
Two NeighborWorks America staffers visit Puerto Rico to assess the damage that still exists months after Hurricane Maria hit, learn firsthand the progress being made by our three network members on the ground and chart a path forward to continue to help the island's residents recover. 
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Nonprofits benefit from report cards too
Donors and policymakers want to know the nonprofits they fund are sound and effective. That's the reassurance offered by NeighborWorks America's organizational assessment process. 
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Six more weeks of winter? Members help residents survive the cold
Frigid winters can cause a lot of inconvenience, but for low-income or homeless people, it often is life-threatening. NeighborWorks network members have found many ways to help. 
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Music connects, unites—and raises money
As two NeighborWorks America network members discovered, music can be the "secret ingredient" that brings people together around a common cause, to celebrate differences or to just get to know each other.
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When designing public spaces, start with half a plan
When our vice president for community initiatives traveled to Copenhagen with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, she learned a surprising lesson: Sometimes when designing a publicly engaging space, you need to start with half a plan.