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Nonprofits explore fine line between good business practice and offering second chances
When social service agencies started telling NeighborWorks network member Aeon they couldn’t place some of their neediest clients in the Minneapolis nonprofit’s affordable housing developments, the organization decided to join with others in the area to explore how to be more inclusive. Read how the collaboration is taking an evidence-based approach to re-examining standards for tenants who are ex-offenders. 
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'Missing-middle' housing offers return to walkable communities
Vibrant cities offer a variety of housing types, including single-family and small multifamily properties. The density of the neighborhoods creates a solid customer base to support local businesses. Sadly, however, the ability to recreate this type of neighborhood has declined with the growth of suburbs and a preference for single-family zoning. Now, there is a movement afoot to bring back small-scale multifamily housing called “missing-middle housing.”
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Technology + housing = more accessible health care
Seniors, new immigrants and residents with other challenges often don’t access health advice when they most need it. Can incorporating telemedicine into housing help make this connection? This blog post explores learnings from a bold experiment by Avesta Housing in Maine.
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Scorecard: Serving Native Americans
Just how well do NeighborWorks members and other community-development nonprofits serve their Native American residents? This analysis says there are lots of successes to learn from, but much to be done to improve.
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Preserving affordable housing: what works
In this guest post from the Urban Institute, two experts discuss how preserving existing affordable housing prevents displacement, is generally cheaper than building new housing and adapts to existing land-use patterns.
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New book makes affordable housing ‘sexy’
In an era when it seems fewer people are reading anything longer or “deeper” than social media posts, it is somewhat shocking that a nonfiction book on evictions written by a Harvard professor would be on best-seller lists. But "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" is that kind of book.
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Using digital data for community stabilization
New mobile “apps” are enabling community development organizations to standardize data collection, crowdsource information on property conditions and better inform neighborhood-stabilization strategies.
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Connecticut group trains renters and landlords to ‘bridge the divide’
Helping residents of its diverse community achieve homeownership.
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Missouri group revitalizes neighborhoods with mixed-income housing and urban orchards
When we hear about declining downtown districts beginning to become trendy again, it’s good news. 
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Continuing need for foreclosure counseling is sign of still-ailing economy
There’s good news and bad news in the to Congress this week on the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program, which NeighborWorks America launched in 2008.
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