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How community development can benefit from becoming ‘sustainable businesses’
In a supplement to the winter issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, NeighborWorks America experts dicuss why nonprofits must consider building for-profit lines of business that can support their community missions.
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Entrepreneur nation: Nonprofits help start-ups fuel the economy
Economists are blaming a slowdown in start-ups on the sluggishness of the recovery—and women owners are a big part of the solution. Read this blog post to learn what NeighborWorks network members have learned about how to help start-ups of all kinds survive those crucial first years.  
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How to create strong homes and businesses: Part 3 of a skimmer's guide to 'What It's Worth'
In this third and fnal part to our "skimmer's guide" to the new book, "What It's Worth," we take a look at what the experts say could and should be done to stabilize housing and nurture entrepreneurship.