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LIFT expands minority homeownership opportunities
For most working Americans, homeownership is the primary tool for building wealth. However, saving enough money for a down payment remains the most significant challenge for potential homeowners. Credit problems and lack of financial knowledge also play a part in keeping this important asset out of reach for many. These barriers can affect families of color in greater numbers, perpetuating the long-standing gap in prosperity between white people and non-white people.
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Small dollar loans offer more affordable options
Payday loans offer a quick way to get money but come at a high cost. NeighborWorks organizations offer better alternatives through their small dollar loan programs.
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AHC helps residents build credit with rent reporting
NeighborWorks America's network organization AHC Inc. uses rent reporting to help residents build credit or repair poor credit history using on-time rent reporting, while also helping to instill healthy financial behaviors that can have lasting impact.
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Financial coaches help people succeed in tax season
Many people want to manage their money better so they can fulfill their dreams such as buying a home, saving for a child’s education or becoming debt-free. With tax season upon us, working with a professional financial coach in addition to a tax preparer to plan ahead and get organized can make the process run smoothly and can mean the difference between falling into a “financial trap” or working smartly and reaching one’s financial goals.
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Building good savings habits
Research shows that consumers have big swings in paycheck amounts from month to month, even if they don't change jobs. Our expert offers tips to help consumers in your community learn how to save.
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Home warranties help homeowners safeguard against the unexpected
Does a home warranty make financial sense? 
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Excerpts from What It’s Worth: Food for Thought (Part 1)
Too busy to read all of the new book on stengthening America's financial capability, "What It's Worth"? Read this guide to its most provocative suggestions.