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Rural poverty: panels address challenges and opportunities
At NeighborWorks’ summit, “Hope in the Delta: Turning the Tide on Persistent Rural Poverty,” two panels of experts debated what it will take to make a real difference in these areas. In this blog post, highlights are offered from the spirited discussion.
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White paper offers blueprint for ending persistent rural poverty
In advance of its April 20 forum, “Hope in the Delta–Turning the Tide on Persistent Rural Poverty,” NeighborWorks America asked four leaders of organizations representing the hardest-hit regions to offer their perspectives on the greatest challenges and the most-promising solutions. 
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How to turn around a declining neighborhood
Just over two years ago, Rural Neighborhoods qualified for NeighborWorks America’s Stable Communities Catalytic Grant program. And the nonprofit used it to turn around one of Florida's poorest cities. Here's how.
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FHFA’s proposed duty-to-serve rule: expanding opportunity in rural markets
Rural residents face significant barriers when it comes to securing a safe, decent, affordable housing option and access to credit. If you care about this population, take action between now and March 17, when comments will be closed on a long-awaited proposal called Enterprise Duty to Serve Underserved Markets.
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Pathfinder Services evolves in surprising directions to meet Indiana’s changing needs
Reaching across sectors – housing, education and job creation to name just a few – to serve its community and fund its programs.