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January 2016

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Debating diversity: delving deeper than definitions
"Diversity" workshops and training are ubiquitious these days. But that word is used so much--to the point of emptiness. What does it really mean? And do all those workshops have any impact? Read this and use it as a discussion starter at your next meeting.
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The millennial wave: 3 must-know traits
The millennial generation has some distinctive characteristics that are shaping the community development field. Here are three you need to know and understand.
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America’s disappearing affordable rentals: Emerging financing tactics that can preserve and protect
The stats are clear and stark. The demand for rental housing is skyrocketing, but the supply of options that are affordable for those with low and moderate incomes is nowhere close to keeping up, Here are some suggested solutions for financing the preservation of this vital national asset.
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How to create strong homes and businesses: Part 3 of a skimmer's guide to 'What It's Worth'
In this third and fnal part to our "skimmer's guide" to the new book, "What It's Worth," we take a look at what the experts say could and should be done to stabilize housing and nurture entrepreneurship.
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Creating behavior change: Part 2 of a skimmer's guide to 'What It's Worth'
In this second of a three-part series for "skimmers," snippets from the financial capability guide, "What It's Worth," focus on behavioral interventions, how to help former inmates stay out of prison, tools to help families start early to prepare for college, and how states and cities are uniting their residents.
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Excerpts from What It’s Worth: Food for Thought (Part 1)
Too busy to read all of the new book on stengthening America's financial capability, "What It's Worth"? Read this guide to its most provocative suggestions.