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Paying for solar: tips for financing a residential system
There are a lot of different ways to finance the installation of solar panels in a home. This blog post and accompanying video from the U.S. Department of Energy outlines the most popular and easy ways to purchase and lease solar.
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How to turn around a declining neighborhood
Just over two years ago, Rural Neighborhoods qualified for NeighborWorks America’s Stable Communities Catalytic Grant program. And the nonprofit used it to turn around one of Florida's poorest cities. Here's how.
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Three questions to ask before choosing art as a community builder
When it’s public, and “participatory,” art not only infuses new life into vacant spaces, but builds community and civic spirit. Read what a few NeighborWorks network organizations are doing to brighten their neighborhoods and bring diverse residents together using art.
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The Atlantic’s James Fallows: How to make good news from small towns newsworthy
How do you get media attention for all the good news that’s happening in towns and cities across the country? The keynote speaker at the NeighborWorks Training Institute symposium in Detroit will be James Fallows of The Atlantic magazine, who has traveled to two dozen American towns sharing the good work many organizations and people are doing. And he has some advice.