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Partnership tackles America’s savings crisis
The presence or absence of emergency savings can determine whether a household slides into disaster following a lay-off or other financial crisis. Yet too many people have no such protection. A new partnership is designed to help asset-poor families develop an emergency cushion.
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'Missing-middle' housing offers return to walkable communities
Vibrant cities offer a variety of housing types, including single-family and small multifamily properties. The density of the neighborhoods creates a solid customer base to support local businesses. Sadly, however, the ability to recreate this type of neighborhood has declined with the growth of suburbs and a preference for single-family zoning. Now, there is a movement afoot to bring back small-scale multifamily housing called “missing-middle housing.”
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Five tips for catalyzing neighborhood revitalization
Fourteen  NeighborWorks members received grants to test whether impact could be greatly ramped up if they took a comprehensive approach to revitalization—focusing on many fronts at once. In this blog post, we summarize a report looking at the extent to which they succeeded and the lessons learned.
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Are you ready to reframe the narrative?
Several speakers at a recent NeighborWorks Training Institute symposium exposed our hidden biases and stereotypes, and challenged participants to break down such barriers. Arts and cultural activities can be particularly effective at bridging divides, as this blog post suggests.
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How to go from outreach to engagement
Inclusion isn't possible without truly meaningful resident engagement. But how can organizations bring new voices to the table, and involve them in developing local solutions? The president of the Center for Social Inclusion offers a few tips.
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Education plays critical role in growing inequality gap
The quality of education children get when they are young and as they grow up too often determines their earning power as an adult—and their prospects in life. And too often, the quality of eduction is determined by children's zip code. Two experts featured at this month's NeighborWorks Training Institute talk about why that is so, and what we can do to change it.
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Seven tips to help forge health-and-housing partnerships
Is it mutually beneficial for housing nonprofits to work with health-care providers? What's in it for the health provider? How can housing nonprofits find the best partners for this work? These questions and many others are answered in this blog post.
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Are your homes and communities 'visitable'?
Do you know what it means to have a “visitable” home and community? It’s living in a place that is accepting of disabled people, making it easy to visit and navigate. In this guest blog post, an advocate for disability rights speaks out.
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Discover some little-known facts about the woman who inspired NeighborWorks
Dorothy Richardson is well known within the community-development field as the original inspiration for the creation of NeighborWorks America. But much was not known. A community scholar intern at NeighborWorks set out to learn more.

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