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August 2017

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Community experts brainstorm financial inclusion
At the Philadelphia NeighborWorks Training Institute, both local and national experts came together to discuss and debate how to create and sustain more financial inclusion, allowing low-income households, new Americans and others often left behind to benefit from improvements in the economy. Read this blog post for some highlights of their take-aways.
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Author calls for increased focus on America’s ‘middle neighborhoods’
Conversations about communities in need of attention typically center on distressed neighborhoods on the slide down or “hot” markets where gentrification is in danger of pushing out older, original residents. What’s missing from the strategy talks are “middle neighborhoods.”
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Nonprofits put small-footprint homes to versatile use
The almost “faddish” rise of what has been called “tiny homes” is much in the media. On the ground, the small houses are being put to use both for alternatives to homelessness and affordable housing in tough markets for singles and couples.