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Using oral histories to bring a city alive
So many young people want to escape their hometowns. Learn how one organization used oral histories and "listening posts" to build community spirit.
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Have a story to tell? Try focusing on the ‘naked voice’
Video is all the rage for storytelling these days. But too many people overlook the power of oral narratives. Learn why you shouldn't ignore audio.
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Singing your story: Try this to connect with your audience
It's every nonprofit's Holy Grail: to communicate the "essence" of what makes your organization stand out in a way that will get your audience to stop what they are doing and pay attention. In other words, it's a pretty tall order.
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Eddie’s story: Foreclosure ends one chapter, starts another
Hines and his wife bought a house in Pittsburgh in 2000. It was their first, and he admits now that they did it 'blindly' - without the expert counseling provided by organizations like NeighborWorks of Western Pennsylvania, which stepped in later to help, in much less happy circumstances.
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Preserving ‘home’ after break-up and illness: Angela’s and Winnie’s stories
Below are the stories of two women who sought help from a professional participating in NeighborWorks’ National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program – with two different outcomes, but the same fighting spirit. The five stories told in this series offer a flavor of both the trauma that foreclosure inflicts on families, and the ability of the human spirit – aided by the practical support of a trusted advisor – to bounce back.
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‘Fixer-upper’ to foreclosure: Walter and Dorothy’s story
When she and her husband first set eyes on their soon-to-be home on Oct. 25, 1995, “the house looked like a nightmare from hell,” says Dorothy James. With the house in Roxbury, MA, damaged by fire, the original owner no longer wanted to invest money or time in the structure.  However, with her flair for interior decorating, she saw a labor of love, and Dorothy and Walter James made it their own.
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Life after foreclosure: re-discovering the meaning of ‘home’
We all know the story in numbers. A total of 4.9 million homes were foreclosed in the wake of the Great Recession and even today, close to 1.9 million mortgages are in serious delinquency. In February alone, 43,000 families lost their homes – albeit down 15 percent from the same month the year before. Then there are the more than a million other families who barely saved their homes, but typically after months of emotional turmoil. What the media don’t report, however, is how these families are coping a year or more later. Are they in better financial shape today? What lasting effects did their crisis have? What lessons learned would they share with others?
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How to move from financial education to behavior change? Consider coaching
When Ruben and Jesusita got married eight years ago, their love was enough to turn their lives around in so many ways. But when it came to their finances, they were a mutual disaster.
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Four reasons why Americans' ‘financial capability’ is so low
With the insecurities of the Great Recession still fresh, and continuing to bite for others, the need for each of us to be savvy managers of our personal finances is obvious. Yet, 11 years after the U.S. Congress first declared April Financial Literacy Month (changing to "Financial Capability Month" in 2012), it's clear that too many Americans -- whether college-educated or not -- lack the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to get the most value they can from whatever financial resources they have.
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Dorothy Richardson legacy extends to next generation
The legacy of Dorothy Richardson, whose efforts to save her Pittsburgh neighborhood led to the creation of what is now NeighborWorks America, has special meaning for one member of the NeighborWorks network. Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s North Side, Tanisha Rush is proud of her ties to the city and her old neighborhood.
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