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Great minds: cultivating opportunity in every community
At the Wednesday symposium at the final NeighborWorks Training Institute of 2016, provocative thinkers ranging from Matthew Desmond, author of the bestselling “Evicted,” to TV producer and writer David Simon came together to brainstorm just how to make even the most vulnerable neighborhoods “places of opportunity.” Read this blog post to learn about their thoughts.
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Technology + housing = more accessible health care
Seniors, new immigrants and residents with other challenges often don’t access health advice when they most need it. Can incorporating telemedicine into housing help make this connection? This blog post explores learnings from a bold experiment by Avesta Housing in Maine.
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Oregon group shows the way to a focus on food
If you want to improve access to healthy food in your community, it takes more than a community garden or farmers’ market to make a long-lasting, systemic difference that benefits everyone. NeighborWorks Umpqua in Oregon has partnered with the state food bank to create a plan for creating a community food system shaped and owned by residents.
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Stories with impact must tell 'inconvenient truths'
David Simon, longtime journalist and producer of the wildly popular “The Wire,” is a master of telling stories that society needs to hear but tries to avoid—in a way that makes even President Obama pay attention. Here, he shares some of his secrets.
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Scorecard: Serving Native Americans
Just how well do NeighborWorks members and other community-development nonprofits serve their Native American residents? This analysis says there are lots of successes to learn from, but much to be done to improve.
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What filters are you wearing to see the world?
How we perceive our neighbors, our community, our country and the world is determined by the "filters" through which we look. If we are serious about diversity and inclusion, then we must try to identify our own filters and how they affect us.
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Faith-based partners can be a natural fit
When looking for partners in community development,, faith-based organizations and institutions are often natural fits. Here's why, some case studies and tips for making the "ask."
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Preserving affordable housing: what works
In this guest post from the Urban Institute, two experts discuss how preserving existing affordable housing prevents displacement, is generally cheaper than building new housing and adapts to existing land-use patterns.
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Five ways gardening feeds the soul
You've heard about community gardening, right? You may think it's just a nice way to socialize and use vacant lots, while maybe getting some fresh vegetables for dinner. But it can be so much more than that. Read how gardening together benefits both individuals and communities.
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Every city has more than one story
Why did Detroit go bust, and just how well is it doing today? The answers depend on who you ask, and whose version of the story gets the most attention. How many stories does your city or neighborhood have, and are you listening to more than one?
Displaying results 11-20 (of 129)
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