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Partnerships can mitigate gentrification
Can you prevent or turn around gentrification of a neighborhood, thus improving it without driving out low-income residents? This Boston forum explored the answer to that question and discovered many positive tactics that can help.
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International Achieving Excellence participant reflects on gentrification and the environment
A NeighborWorks America Achieving Excellence group visits Puerto Rico to explore how to protect and preserve a troubled community. One of the participants, from London, blogs about her observations.
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Out of fundraising ideas? Try walking off a building
Working for a nonprofit is a never-ending battle to raise funds. Just when you think there are no more creative ideas, you encounter one that breaks through all the "noise." Read this to learn how you can generate funds by asking supporters to rappel off buildings!
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World Refugee Day: Groups offer tips for creating 'quilt of cultures'
It's World Refugee Day June 20, and NeighborWorks members across the country are immigrants from many countries integrate into their new communities and share their heritage with their neighbors.
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Everyone wants youth engagement, but how?
Every organization at the community level seeks to involve youth, since they are the next generation of homebuyers, renters and leaders. But they can be a tough group to engage. Here are some tips.
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How to engage residents for community change
When community change is desired, resident engagement is not an option--it's a must. But in times of busy schedules, apathy and even hostility, how do you bring diverse points of view together? Read this for ideas.
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Underwater homes still challenge many communities
Much of the media and policy conversations have moved past the housing crisis that swept the country like a tsunami eight years ago. However, many pockets of the country are still struggling to recover due to persistent negative equity. Read about this organization in Atlanta that is working to turn that around.
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Nonprofits can help consumers avoid pitfalls of payday loans
Google has announced it is effectively banning ads from payday lenders. This post explores the challenges of payday lending and how financial coaching can help consumers find alternatives to quick cash.
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When uncomfortable is good: conversations about race, diversity and inclusion
Community development professionals, artists and partners spent a day discussing race, culture, diversity and inclusion. Here are some of their observations, and challenges. They serve as a wake-up call for us all.
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Ten questions to consider before launching a neighborhood marketing campaign
Where do you start when setting out to change the perception of your neighborhood or community? Here are 10 questions you need to ask and answer.
Displaying results 31-40 (of 133)
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