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Top 7 online giving tips for nonprofits
As #GivingTuesday becomes an ever-more popular vehicle for fundraising, nonprofits should take time to rethink how they engage with donors throughout the year, as well as improve their brand awareness.
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Strategic 'spin-off' paves way for growth
In organizational dynamics, it often is much easier to add services and programs than to stop offering them. However, as Community Housing Works of San Diego shows, sometimes "stopping" is just what is needed to pave the way for more robust growth tailored to the market.
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Creating employment opportunities for the hard-to-place
How can organizations help the hard-to-place, like people experiencing homelessness, get the experience they need to be hired? Primavera shows how with an "alternative staffing agency." The added benefit? It is earning revenue as well.
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Three ways loan-modification and weight-loss scams are similar
There are three ways that fighting loan-modification scams is similar to the campaign against weight-loss scams. Understanding these similarities helps professionals educate consumers on how to protect themselves.
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Student loan debt is obstacle to homeownership
A new survey from NeighborWorks America shows student loan debt is stopping many university graduates from pursuing their goal of purchasing their own home. Nonprofit housing counselors can help.
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Three actions you can take to market your neighborhood
It continues to be difficult to attract investment in many communities due to negative (and often inaccurate) perceptions related to issues like crime, blight and abandonment. In response, NeighborWorks America created the Neighborhood Marketing Program.
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Using digital data for community stabilization
New mobile “apps” are enabling community development organizations to standardize data collection, crowdsource information on property conditions and better inform neighborhood-stabilization strategies.
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To get correct answers, ask the right questions
How we word our questions very much determines the information we receive. And like for any other type of research, assessing the impact of community-development work on personal and neighborhood-level health requires paying attention to what we ask. 
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Nonprofits can help students struggling with debt
Recent headlines have emphasized the challenges that heavy student debt present for graduates to achieve homeownership and financial security. However, nonprofit organizations, like Urban Edge in Massachusetts, can play an important role in helping students manage their obligations while also achieving their financial goals. This post explains the top three steps nonprofits can take to help their clients handle student loans.
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Eviction prevention makes ‘back to school’ happier time
Frequent moves, or worries about being forced out of an apartment, make it very difficult for children to stay in the same school, concentrate in class and study well at home. But nonprofits like NeighborWorks members are developing eviction-prevention programming that preserves stability and is cost-effective.
Displaying results 61-70 (of 136)
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