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Achieving Excellence in Community Development

Mini-Case Study – Bruce Gottschall, NHS of Chicago

Bruce GottschallAE Performance Challenge:
“To double lending and decrease the time it takes to process loans without compromising the difficult loans that need to be done.”

Impacts of the Achieving Excellence Program on the Community:
  • Loans to homeowners for purchase, purchase/rehab, home improvement and refinance increased from $15 million to more than $35 million a year
  • Participation in homeownership education classes grew from 600 to 1,500 families—130 new homeowners created
  • The number of foreclosure counseling cases increased from 300 families to more than 700 families per year; results: more than 500 families saved from foreclosure
Impacts of the Achieving Excellence Program on the Organization:
  • $2.7 million generated through fees for services, after negotiating a new contract with city and private lenders/investors
  • Services refined and consolidated through staff realignment
  • $100 million raised in a new capital restructuring , for purchase, rehab and foreclosure prevention
  • Greater accountability and increased staff motivation due to implementation of SMART goals and institution of a recognition and awards system
Impacts of the Achieving Excellence Program on the Participant/Leader:
  • Became more explicit in focusing on results and articulating the importance of documenting tangible results throughout the organization
  • Better able to delegate, more strongly encourage initiative and leadership on the part of others within the organization.

For additional information about Achieving Excellence, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 760-4000, or e-mail