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Category List of Health Tools

Measuring Health-Related Outcomes of Community Development

Neighborworks-image-163Success Measures has developed and tested 65 new measurement tools to evaluate the health-related outcomes of community development work. With these tools and supporting technical assistance, organizations will be able to:
  • Evaluate health-related outcomes of their community development work
  • Better articulate how their activities, programs, and strategies (e.g. housing, community engagement, and neighborhood revitalization) benefit residents' health
  • More explicitly promote the health benefits of these programs
  • More clearly communicate to staff, board, community members and funders the connections between community development work and health

Explore our tools

Tools are organized here by categories to help orient you. As a subscriber you would be able to select groups of tools or individual tools to meet your needs.

Individual and Community Health Status
Individual Health Beliefs and Attitudes
Individual Health Behaviors
Individual Factors and Influences Related to Health
Community Environmental Factors Related to Health
Community Demographics and Social Factors Related to Health
Availability, Quality and Cultural Sensitivity of Health Care Services
Cross-Sector Collaborations & Partnerships
The health tools are offered through subscription to the Success Measures Data System, our web-based platform that can help you plan, manage, and document all phases of your evaluation work. You can select tools off-the-shelf or customize and modify them to suit your needs.