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ML252 Money and Mission: Ensuring Effectiveness and Sustainability through Successful Financial Leadership

This practical hands-on course offers leaders the models, skills, and strategies for successfully leveraging their organization’s financial processes to advance the organization’s mission goals. The seminar covers the topic of financial leadership and strategy, financial planning and architecture, financial reporting and communication, and organizational integrity and sustainability. In this course participants will:

  • Learn to tie the financial, programmatic, operational, and leadership efforts of the organization together to develop a richer understanding of the organization’s impact to strengthen how financial information is used to support mission-focused decision making.
  • Review strategies that ensure that organizational leaders account for and allocate resources to effectively fulfill mission today while also reinforcing sustainability moving forward.
  • Work with their leadership team and other peers to develop strategies for implementing change, to strengthen the financial systems, processes, and communications that support organizational success.
  • Develop a Financial Leadership Action Plan throughout the seminar, leaving with clear action items and/or next steps to take within the organization(s) they represent.

The greatest benefit is to organizations that are able to commit a team of leaders to the program. Recommended team members include Treasurer or Board Chair, Chief Executive (Executive Director), and the senior finance staff/volunteer member (CFO, COO, finance director, office manager – depending on organization structure and staffing).

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Course Length: 2 Days

Tuition: $585

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes