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Green, Healthy Homes and Communities

Neighborworks-image-132As the leading educator in the community development industry, NeighborWorks America is raising the bar even higher by offering a comprehensive green curriculum with a certification program. These courses enable and empower organizations to promote healthier, more efficient homes and rental properties for low- to moderate-income residents, while also remaining economically viable.

Training courses

NeighborWorks offers a comprehensive curriculum. Courses are offered on a rotating basis at our quarterly NeighborWorks Training Institutes and at place-based trainings upon request from partner organizations.

Professional certificate in green and sustainability 

Professional certificate courses are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the major components of the green building industry, with an emphasis on green materials and methods of construction and rehabilitation for affordable housing. The program also teaches participants how to green their organizations and lines of business to promote sustainability and buid long-term economic, environmental and social impact. 

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