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Symposium: Pathways Out of Poverty: Creating Opportunities for Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment (HO930)

Philadelphia, PA • Aug. 16, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Late registration is available at the site of the symposium on the day of the event:

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Salons G & H
1201 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Income inequality continues to worsen despite an increasing number of initiatives and programs designed to improve the financial well-being of people in low- and moderate-income communities. Why? What’s missing? Join us as we spotlight an array of successful community approaches to creating financial opportunity. In this forwardlooking and solutions-focused event, we will examine obstacles and how to overcome them to promote prosperity for more individuals and families.

Financial knowledge and skills alone won’t improve a person’s situation when there is limited access to support, resources and opportunities. Imagine an individual who has learned the importance of a bank account and savings through financial counseling, yet has no access to a local branch or possibly receives public benefits that could be adversely affected by the accumulation of resources. What are their options? As we explore the realities of the challenges facing low- and middle-income families, you will gain new insight into the necessities for policies, programs and financial products.

Our conversation will focus on community development, financial inclusion and economic empowerment. We will hone in on the stumbling blocks impeding people looking to improve their financial situation:
  • Unemployment and underemployment
  • Lack of access to financial institutions
  • Fluctuating income and expenses (spikes and dips)
  • Lack of access to credit
  • Rising cost of post-secondary education and/or overwhelming student loan debt
  • Lack of access to equitable, affordable financial tools, products and
A fresh take will be offered on solutions that feature:‚Äč
  • Effective communication within and buy-in from the community
  • Timely partnerships
  • Targeting of clients to assure the best fit for programming
  • Improved client retention