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Bring NeighborWorks Training to Your Community

Neighborworks-image-150Do you want to bring the power of NeighborWorks training to your community? Read below to learn how.


  • Organizations can request to have a place-based training event organized in their community with one or more courses selected from the NeighborWorks Training Institute course catalog.
  • Fees are based on the courses and number of training days. The cost is significantly lower than comparable training offered by other sponsors at market rates, as well as lower than the cost of sending multiple individuals to a NeighborWorks Training Institute.
  • Services can be scaled up or down according to your specific needs  from a trainer and training materials for a single course, to a special weeklong event with multiple courses, including meeting planning and food and beverage.

For more information, call 800-438-5547 or email

How to request a place-based training
How to attend a place-based training
Place-based training online testing
Place-based Training in the Gulf
Place-based Training in the Gulf
For the past ten years, NeighborWorks America and its partners have worked with resident leaders and local organizations to stabilize and revitalize Gulf communities. An example of this work is the seven-month affordable housing program presented by Capitol One and the NeighborWorks training division. Find out more about NeighborWorks America’s work in the Gulf and our revitalization work

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