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Brooke Finn

Brooke Finn
Acting Senior Vice President, NeighborWorks Services Group
Community development is Finn’s passion.  So it made perfect sense that she pursued a job at NeighborWorks after retiring from the Peace Corps.  “That I landed the job was very fortunate for me,” says Finn.       

Today, Finn leads several teams in the NeighborWorks Services Group with the goal of strengthening organizations, leaders, programs and, ultimately, communities. In her portfolio are the Success Measures tools for evaluating program outcomes, the team that audits the health and capacity of network members (Organizational Assessment Services) and the leadership-transformation course called Achieving Excellence.

When Finn first joined NeighborWorks in 1996, she served for five years as director of staff development. She also served for four years as the director of program integration and planning, charged with oversight of corporate strategic planning and performance measurement, and for six years as the deputy director of National Initiatives and Applied Research.

Looking back, Finn highlights two of her most rewarding projects at NeighborWorks: The first was helping to strengthen the discipline of strategic planning at the organization.  The second was deploying tools to help organizations measure the impact of their work in communities.  “These are both critical parts to achieving our mission and I’m very proud that NeighborWorks has continued with both of them.”

Before joining NeighborWorks, Finn served as with the Peace Corps as a fellow, associate director for the Philippines and national director of placement.

A southern Connecticut native, Finn holds a Master of Science in foreign service from Georgetown University with a concentration in international development, and a Bachelor of Arts in American studies from Kirkland College.