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Tasha Harris

Tasha  Harris
Vice president, Program Operations, Office of the COO
Tasha Harris first discovered the field of affordable housing in graduate school. She “fell in love” with it and sought out a fellowship with Enterprise Community Partners and Freddie Mac. She also enrolled in several NeighborWorks courses. These experiences not only changed her career direction, but also helped her become a homeowner. By participating in nonprofit homeownership counseling, she obtained the information and resources she needed to buy her current home in Washington, DC. This gave her firsthand appreciation for the importance of such counseling and the value of homeownership as a means to build wealth.
Meanwhile, her career progression kept her close to NeighborWorks America. At Freddie Mac, Harris served as chief operations manager for the affordable lending team which developed CounselorMax and brokered its transfer to NeighborWorks America. During the six years she served at the National Community Stablization Trust, she shared office space with NeighborWorks America staff. She came to appreciate NeighborWorks culture and comaraderie.
Taking the next logical step, Harris joined NeighborWorks America as the vice president for the National Initiatives Division. Her goal is to build an operations team that is a model for the rest of the organization and to take process-oriented tasks off the plates of program staff. She is motivated by “meaningful problem-solving” and the knowledge that NeighborWorks activities benefit a large network of organizations, which ultimately bring needed assistance to people on the ground. “This work makes sense to me and I believe in it,” she explains.
Tasha holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and a master’s in public affairs from Princeton University. She also served in the Peace Corps in Botswana and with FINCA in Armenia. In her free time, she is a volunteer with the American Diabetes Association and an avid cyclist.