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Tayna Frett

Tayna Frett
Senior Vice President, Administrative Services and Facilities
Frett had a very personal reason for joining NeighborWorks in 2008.  “I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, and have seen firsthand neighborhoods that desperately needed revitalization.  It’s great to see some of these changes every time I go back home,’’ she says. “It made me really relate to what NeighborWorks does and I wanted to be a part of it.”
Frett got her wish in a very real way when she was asked to find a new home for the NeighborWorks national headquarters in Washington, DC, and ensure it was located in a part of the city that was being actively restored and revitalized. “We knew we needed to move and we wanted our new offices to contribute to revitalization efforts in the city.  It wasn’t easy finding the right space in the right part of town but our new location at 999 N. Capitol St. NE fits the bill,” she says. 
Prior to joining the organization, Frett worked in comparable roles at the Midwest Research Institute in Maryland and at AECOM, an architectural and engineering company in Virginia. She earned a Master of Science in management and a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Faulkner University in Alabama. She also has taught business at the college level.