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Interview with Megan Sandel: The secrets to hospital-housing partnerships
A news release late last year carried this headline: “Boston Medical Center is investing $6.5 million over five years to support a wide range of affordable housing initiatives. That's music to the ears of any community development professional. Here, we tell how the deal came together and what others can learn.
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Affordability will continue to be challenging for first-time homebuyers in 2018
The U.S. housing market is projected to continue its positive pace in 2018, but affordability for first-time homebuyers will remain challenging as prices rise across the country, mortgage rates inch higher and fewer entry-level homes come onto the market.
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Seven tips to help forge health-and-housing partnerships
Is it mutually beneficial for housing nonprofits to work with health-care providers? What's in it for the health provider? How can housing nonprofits find the best partners for this work? These questions and many others are answered in this blog post.
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Thinking about solar? Nine trends and lessons learned
Solar power is ramping up across the country as a clean, money-saving form of alternative energy. More than six months after NeighborWorks partnered with GRID Alternatives, it’s a good time to review what types of organizations and residents can benefit the most from solar energy and the direction of the market trends.
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Joining hands across sectors: developing community potential together
Missed the NeighborWorks symposium on collaborating across sectors to create economic opportunities for all? Read this for a summary of the most provocative insights from the plenary presentations.
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FHFA’s proposed duty-to-serve rule: expanding opportunity in rural markets
Rural residents face significant barriers when it comes to securing a safe, decent, affordable housing option and access to credit. If you care about this population, take action between now and March 17, when comments will be closed on a long-awaited proposal called Enterprise Duty to Serve Underserved Markets.
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America’s disappearing affordable rentals: Emerging financing tactics that can preserve and protect
The stats are clear and stark. The demand for rental housing is skyrocketing, but the supply of options that are affordable for those with low and moderate incomes is nowhere close to keeping up, Here are some suggested solutions for financing the preservation of this vital national asset.
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Strategic 'spin-off' paves way for growth
In organizational dynamics, it often is much easier to add services and programs than to stop offering them. However, as Community Housing Works of San Diego shows, sometimes "stopping" is just what is needed to pave the way for more robust growth tailored to the market.
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Avesta’s housing-first model for homeless defies common practice: It works!
HUD secretary report the average cost of a single homeless person in America was $40,000 a year.