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NeighborWorks America provides $70 million in flexible grants to 242 nonprofits
NeighborWorks organizations will use grants to develop affordable housing, restore neighborhoods and create jobs. 
Cleveland symposium on removing barriers to homeownership addresses challenges facing low- and moderate-income families
A Feb. 20 symposium in downtown Cleveland will explore how to create and sustain housing affordability so that housing remains accessible for current and future homeowners, as well as renters. 
New network will strengthen Puerto Rico nonprofits to accelerate hurricane recovery and address community needs more effectively
Enterprise Community Partners, NeighborWorks America and the Puerto Rico Community Foundation launch the Puerto Rico Nonprofit Capacity Building Network to strengthen community-based organizations.
Pittsburgh symposium on community-led transformation brings NeighborWorks America back to its birthplace
On Dec. 3-7, NeighborWorks America returns to its roots in Pittsburgh to host a weeklong training institute and symposium that will explore how to develop resident leaders of all ages; incorporate and optimize community assets; and identify lessons learned from NeighborWorks America’s origins. 
NeighborWorks America receives largest HUD grant to provide and offer training for comprehensive housing counseling
For the 14th consecutive year, NeighborWorks America has received funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to bolster its training and professional development certification program.
NeighborWorks America convenes major training for community leaders
More than 800 community leaders representing 100 organizations across the country will convene at our Community Leadership Institute to participate in training courses, network with their peers and develop action plans for their neighborhoods back home. 
NeighborWorks America at Home survey: Renting can be a barrier to homeownership
When it comes to renting versus buying a home, people across the country express their dissatisfaction: Only 44 percent say homes are affordable for first-time buyers and almost two-thirds agree high rent is making it impossible to save for a future house.
NeighborWorks America at Home survey: People with student loan debt delay homeownership
People saddled with student loan debt are delaying purchasing a home and many worry about their college debt most or all of the time.
Nonprofit board governance gets boost from $150,000 in grants from NeighborWorks America
NeighborWorks America has provided more than $150,000 in grants as part of its Excellence in Governance program. 
More than 1,800 community-development professionals to convene in Louisville, boosting local economy by $2.7 million
An estimated $2.7 million boost will come to the Louisville economy when community-development professionals from around the country convene in the city for the NeighborWorks Training Institute Aug. 20-24. 
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