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​NeighborWorks America recognizes local heroes
Six individuals from cities ranging from Moorhead, Mississippi, to Wasilla, Alaska, are this year's recipients of the annual Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership.
NeighborWorks America names Marietta Rodriguez as president and CEO
Marietta Rodriguez, a national leader in the housing and community development field, was named president and CEO of NeighborWorks America by the organization's board of directors.
NeighborWorks America recognizes 35th annual week of service
During NeighborWorks Week, nonprofits around the country will organize more than 150 events, ranging from neighborhood cleanups, to park beautification, to classes on financial literacy and homeownership.
NeighborWorks America reports nearly $3.6 billion in rural economic impact in fiscal year 2017
Members of the NeighborWorks network leveraged nearly $3.6 billion of investment in rural communities. A total of 166 NeighborWorks organizations — 67.5 percent of the network — serve rural America. In 2017, NeighborWorks members created or maintained more than 35,000 jobs in rural communities.
More than 1,850 community-development professionals to attend NeighborWorks Training Institute, boosting local economy by $4.2 million
Along with nearly 100 affordable-housing, community-development and nonprofit-management classes will be the NeighborWorks Resident Services Convening, a summit of more than 130 professionals who specialize in supporting renters and their families.
NeighborWorks America awards $65 million in flexible grants to 242 nonprofits
The flexible grants NeighborWorks America awarded to 242 nonprofits will enable these organizations to develop and preserve affordable housing.
More than one-third of middle-income adults lack emergency savings; renters and low-income consumers are less likely to have financial cushion
The rainy day fund for many middle- and low-income households is empty, according to the fifth annual NeighborWorks America consumer finance survey.
NeighborWorks America consumer finance survey finds nearly half of low- and middle-income adults have or know someone who has been a victim of a financial or identity scam
According to the fifth annual NeighborWorks America consumer finance survey, nearly half of middle-income adults know someone who has been the victim of a financial scam or were scammed themselves.
NeighborWorks America awards $100,000 in grants to nonprofits to identify strategies to address gentrification
NeighborWorks America aims to find what new ideas can help to mitigate the negative effects of gentrification and ensure that residents benefit from positive change in their communities.
NeighborWorks network invested more than $2.7 billion in affordable rental housing in 2017
NeighborWorks organizations invested more than $890 million specifically into the construction of new affordable rental homes. All results are for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2017.
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