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Program Cost

The real value of the NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program equates to more than $40,000 per person, but most of the program's cost is underwritten by NeighborWorks America and generous support from our sponsors. This means that participants pay a program fee of $6,000 to $13,000 depending on their organization's operating budget (see fee structure below) — that's subsidized 70-85% of the actual cost of the program.

The tuition can be paid in two installments over the course of the program. The program tuition that you would pay covers the 3 weeks of sessions at Harvard including the teaching, meals, room and board, etc. It also covers the 16+ months of one-on-one executive coaching for you as well as the facilitation of your peer group by the coach.  Also included are several books and other reading materials; 2 group meals in restaurants (the first week of the program and the night before the "Chicago meeting") and other expenses.

In addition to your time and commitment, you will also be responsible for direct costs associated with the program. Please be aware that, as noted in the application materials, you are responsible for:
  • Tuition
  • Travel and travel-related costs: 
    • There will be approximately 7 trips for which participants are responsible: 
      • 3 round-trips to Harvard University; 
      • 1 meeting in Chicago in November/December; 
      • 2 meetings with your peer group at a location selected by the group and coach together—could be anywhere in the country.
  • Some incidental expenses (taxis, tips, etc.)
  • Some meals
  • Other (souvenirs, etc.)
Core operating budget of less than $750,000
Tution: $6,000
Intermediate Sized Organizations
Core operating budget of $750,000 to $2 million
Tuition: $9,000



Core operating budget of more than $2 million

Tuition: $13,000

Tuition may be paid in 2 installments-- the 1st will be approximately 75% of the total, due by June 30, 2018
(before you begin the program); the remainer is due by January 31, 2019

In a very real and explicit sense, the "price" of your participation is the time, effort, work and commitment you bring to the challenge you define. We will expect you to devote a substantial amount of energy and thought to really solving your challenge and mining this opportunity. In exchange for the substantial real costs we are subsidizing, we demand that you perform against this challenge and that you also provide us and future participants with feedback on your experience.

For additional information about Achieving Excellence, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 760-4000, or e-mail