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How Much Time It Will Take

"If we continue to stay together we will continue to make lives better... I commit to each of you that I will always have time for this."
-Cathy Williams

Successful candidates must invest significant time and effort toward achieving their organizational challenge over the 16 months of the program. 

The time commitment includes real work by you and others in your organization against your identified challenge. You must commit to making your challenge one of the top priorities for your organization. Expect to put your challenge in your operating and strategic plan, to commit to your staff, your Board and possibly others that you and your organization will take on the challenge and make a performance impact. You should also expect to work on your challenge regularly through conference calls, online chats, and one-on-one conversations with your coach and your peer group of colleagues several times each month.

Many participants spend 60-70% of their time working to address their organizational performance challenge. The program gives the time, the tools and the forum to focus intensely on one of the most important issues facing your organization so most of your time will probably be spent on it.
Time commitment:
  • Module I: Tuesday, September 11 - September 15 at Harvard University
  • Chicago meetings: 5 days in Nov/Dec 2018
  • Module II: February 18-22, 2019 at Harvard University
  • Summer 2017: 1-day meeting with peer group on a date and at a location selected by the group together
  • Module III: September 9-13, 2019 at Harvard University
  • January 2020: 1 or 2 day meeting with peer group on a date and at a location selected by the group together
It's important to keep in mind as you consider participation in the program that this is an intensive program and the real time commitment is not so much in the time away from your office, but the time you put in to making progress on your challenge.
For additional information about Achieving Excellence, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 760-4000, or e-mail

* Note: Program timing may be subject to change due to pending appropriation.