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What We Look for in a Candidate

Through a competitive process, we select approximately 50 participants for this  innovative and challenging program.

Achieving Excellence participantsThe typical selected participant will be an executive director (or other senior leader) with significant 
authority in an established organization for five or more years (even if it is not at the same organization). Areas of work include but are not limited to: housing, community revitalization, economic commercial and/or business development, education, and health and wellness.

This is not a remedial program to improve the work of struggling managers.  This is an organizational transformation program that helps the best of the best in our field go beyond their current levels of success to even greater impacts in the communities they serve.

Those selected must be thoughtful about the work, excited about your current responsibilities, and eager to take that work to the next level through articulating, committing to and addressing a specific and critical challenge facing your organization.

This program has a highly competitive application process. At times we receive nearly twice as many applications as spaces available and we expect the competition to be even greater for the next round due to growing word-of-mouth referrals and growing visibility of the program.

For additional information about Achieving Excellence, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 760-4000, or e-mail