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What You Can Expect of the Program

The NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program demands that each participant shape and conduct their learning efforts around specific challenges that will significantly impact their organizations, the industry and themselves.
Participants set and hold themselves achieving excellenceaccountable for achieving goals relevant to such challenges. A combination of 12 days of challenging coursework along with coaching support and collaboration among peers will sustain and reinforce your contributions to the performance of your organizations and the ever-changing community development field.

Most importantly, this learning program is built around your real challenges at work. For those selected, this program will help you lead the solutions to your critical challenges, not add more work on top of an already heavy schedule.

You will emerge from this program having advanced your organization’s capacity and performance. Some of the specific outcomes you can expect are:
  • Definition and analysis of a major performance challenge facing your organization or the communities you serve, including specific ways to assess success on that challenge.
  • New and revitalized ways of "seeing" and "leading" — cutting-edge thinking on leadership, management, industry structure and strategy, technology, networking and community building will be used to challenge, inspire and help you succeed.
  • Membership in a network of experienced, motivated, performance-minded leaders — people who will help and support you as you find new ways of working and performing.

“I have been in this job for 15 years…but my participation in Achieving Excellence spurred me to be more assertive at the staff and board level to implement changes."
– Paul Mazzarella, Ithaca NHS
For additional information about Achieving Excellence, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 760-4000, or e-mail