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Creating Economic Opportunity DetroitSymposium: Creating Places of Opportunity: Investing in Neighborhoods (ML924)

Detroit, MI • Aug. 10, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Detroit Revitalization

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Join colleagues from across the country to explore innovative strategies for restoring competitiveness to distressed areas, catalyzing investment in neighborhoods, and creating vibrant communities. 

While the national economic outlook continues to improve, many communities across the country are still working to spark recovery and chart a course toward sustainable and equitable growth.  Whether confronting long-term disinvestment, or contending with rapid market changes, regions, cities and neighborhoods are pioneering new ways to enhance quality of life and catalyze positive change. This includes strategies to build household and community wealth, support entrepreneurism, create good-paying jobs, and develop vibrant physical spaces. These advances are increasingly needed in today’s interconnected and competitive marketplace—communities must continually innovate in order to be inclusive places of opportunity. 
What does it mean for a community to be an inclusive place of opportunity? In the simplest terms, it’s a place where someone would choose to live, work or visit. It’s safe, attractive and desirable; has strong institutions and assets; and is home to a diversity of people who know and look out for one another. Drawing on a revitalizing Detroit as a case study, thinkers, experts and practitioners will explore how strategic investments in places—and the people who live there—can lead to increased competiveness, greater prosperity, and inclusive growth. The dynamic and interactive agenda will highlight innovative ways that communities are bolstering entrepreneurial businesses, job-creating industries, physical place-making projects and local housing markets.
Creating Economic Opportunity | Creating Places of Opportunity: Investing in Neighborhoods
Our special Wednesday symposium focused on innovative strategies for restoring competitiveness to distressed areas, catalyzing investment in neighborhoods and creating vibrant communities.

Throughout the day, we will:

Examine key questions facing communities that are working to create vibrant places and connect residents with opportunity:
  • How can strategic investments in place drive economic growth and opportunity?
  • Given limited resources, what types of investments are most impactful in catalyzing revitalization?
  • How can community stakeholders forecast trends and identify future growth engines?
  • How can stakeholders create sustainable and inclusive growth amidst rapid change?
  • How can residents become drivers of change in their own communities?
  • How can communities ensure that new opportunities benefit the people who live there now?
  • What is the role of the private sector and new technologies in creating places of opportunity?
  • What lessons does Detroit offer for other revitalizing communities?
As part of NeighborWorks America’s four-part series on “Creating Economic Opportunity,” this symposium will connect you with dynamic leaders and organizations working across sectors. You’ll take away innovative approaches, practical tools and important personal contacts to help deepen your impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the country and to explore firsthand promising efforts that are creating a more vibrant and prosperous community—in Detroit, and where you live and work.

Exciting afternoon sessions include your choice of site visits or discussion groups that provide an in-depth, up-close look at trailblazing strategies you can adapt in your work!
  • Current and future leaders of community development organizations
  • Planners, economic development staff and other municipal personnel
  • Program officers and senior leaders from foundations
  • Nonprofits from across sectors
  • Affordable housing developers