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‘Do I look like a homeowner?’

It's been said that you never know until you ask.
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And that's exactly what Gamaliel “Gammy” Moses did. After becoming acquainted with a staff member of Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of New Haven, CT, and attending multiple volunteer events, he asked, "Do you think I could be a homeowner?" It was this offhand question posed one sunny afternoon that started Moses on his path to homeownership.

“[Gammy] took the first critical step by approaching NHS to inquire about what it took to become a homeowner.  Because of this, he is a homeowner today,” says Bridgette Russell, managing director of NHS of New Haven’s Homeownership Center.

He began the process by registering for individual counseling and pre-purchase education classes with the center. It was there that he was able to build the financial planning know-how to purchase a home of his own.  Classes focused on everything from the pros and cons of purchasing a home, to the role of real estate agents, to financial fitness and budgeting.

But Moses’ journey didn't stop there. He saw the need for residents of his Newhallville community to take charge of their neighborhood and, true to his optimistic spirit, took matters into his own hands by completing a resident leadership program called “Building Leaders, Building Communities.” It was there he learned the skills to would persuade his neighbors to invest in their community.

“Being an active resident in Newhallville and overseeing after-school programs in the neighborhood, I have seen the transitions made possible by NHS of New Haven and I strongly wanted to be a part of that,” recalls Moses.

Moses is just one example of how NHS of New Haven helps neighborhoods succeed through affordable homeownership and community revitalization. Russell says a strong, committed community of neighbors is the catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. “Every resident benefits from strong cohesive neighborhoods,” she says. “Dynamic revitalized communities attract economic investment and encourage property value appreciation and growth.”
In addition to homeownership classes, the Connecticut nonprofit also offers workshops for residents who already own homes and want to maintain or upgrade their current property. Whether residents are looking for ways to improve their communities or their homes, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven has something to offer.

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