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Become a Member

The NeighborWorks network has nearly 250 members in every state across the nation.
Nonprofit community-based organizations that focus on community revitalization, homeownership and the production of affordable housing can apply for membership in the NeighborWorks network.

Each NeighborWorks organization benefits from our grants, technical assistance, training and other resources. 

NeighborWorks network

The NeighborWorks network is made up of nearly 250 nonprofit organizations across the United States, including the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The network was born from the ideas and passion of individual residents who believed they could transform their communities. We consider local voices critical to the success of the work of our network organizations and their communities.

Network organizations serve diverse populations in large and small, and rural and urban communities. Organizations are rigorously assessed against various organizational, financial and board governance standards and must maintain certain standards to remain within the network. Our network includes some of the very best community development and affordable housing organizations in the country which invest in results for the communities and individuals they serve. The network focuses on collaboration through peer sharing and ongoing professional development, so each group can improve and the community development field as a whole can benefit. Organizations offer services and approaches to meet the unique needs of their community, offering a range of services, from homeownership counseling to the development of a variety of housing types to community gardens. 

For more information about the work of the network, please visit Our Impact Map.

Application timeline

We are accepting new member applications through June 28. The entire process may take 15-24 months.
  • Application: May 20–June 28
    • Part 1: Applicants submit threshold documents 
    • Part 2: Complete application questions in Grants Portal 
  • Review: July–September
    • Recommendations for onsite review invitations
    • May include a site visit from regional staff
  • Assessment: October 2019–June 2020
    • Consolidated audit and onsite program review (by invitation only)
  • Chartering: August 2020
If you have specific questions about becoming a member, please contact us


Please complete the self-assessment for a better understanding of what is expected of NeighborWorks organizations. The self-assessment is intended to guide organizations as a decision is being made about the submission of an application for affiliation.

We encourage applications from nonprofit organizations focused on affordable housing and community revitalization. 

Application guidance

This year's application to become a member of the NeighborWorks network has two parts:
  • Submitting the required threshold documents.
  • Responding to questions. 
Organizations are strongly encouraged to complete the self-assessment and review the application questions and instructions in detail with staff and board members prior to making a decision to apply.

If your organization determines that it is able to meet all application and membership requirements (as outlined in the self-assessment, application and instructions), Grants Portal registration is required to submit your application. Please follow the registration instructions in the application instructions. To save time on processing the registration, organizations are encouraged to register for Grants Portal prior to the application opening if it is believed that all application materials can be submitted prior to June 28.

Additionally, to ensure enough processing time between Part 1 of the application and the final submission date for Part 2, please submit required documents in Part 1 early in the application stage. 

Part 1: Threshold documents
We collect these documents to confirm minimum requirements for affiliation. These documents include:
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • IRS 501(c)(3) letter
  • IRS Form 990
  • 2-3 years of your organization's most recent consolidated audits (dependent upon formation data)
  • Brief description of your organization's mission and work
  • Attestation to charter requirements
Once the documents have been verified, guidance will be provided on accessing Part 2 of the application. 
Part 2: Application questions
Application questions request information about the organization, including but not limited to, history, mission, board, staff, work, production and future of the organization in the following categories: 
  • Organizational information
  • Organizational management
  • Board governance
  • Financial management and resource development
  • Service area
  • Lines of business (community building and engagement, homeownership promotion, homeownership preservation, lending and portfolio management, real estate/asset management, property management)

Affiliation priorities

We will consider all qualified applications; however, priority will be given to applications that:

  • Align with NeighborWorks' strategic plan, as evidenced by organization mission and impact with housing at the core to the work of the organization. 
  • Have a presence in geographic and programmatic/service gaps within the network with special attention to those organizations serving native or tribal lands and rural communities.
  • Take a collaborative approach to the work, including partnerships with local organizations, state associations and national intermediaries.
  • Have an intentional focus on issues of race, equity, diversity and inclusion in the organization and/or communities served, and resident and stakeholder engagement are foundational to the design, implementation and evaluation of work.

Contact us

Primary engagement between NeighborWorks America and our network or potential affiliates is through our four regional offices across the United States. The regional organization chart includes a regional vice president, senior director, several relationship managers and public affairs and operations staff. 

For questions about this application and/or the affiliation process, please feel free to contact the regional office in which your organization is located or contact us. For general questions about the affiliation process, email Please indicate the city and state in which your organization is located. Your email will be directed to the appropriate staff. 







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